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No more expensive and ineffective skincare products brought to you by the profit driven giants. We are here to provide science-backed formulas that are shown to work. No outlandish claims or disappointing results. Only the best results you can see from the best skincare formulations in the industry. Our skincare products range from anti aging skincare to natural acne products and are highly comprehensive to simplify your routine! 

Anti Aging Skincare

It's finally time to turn back the clock of aging and experience the next generation of skincare with our highly innovative, comprehensive and powerful anti aging skincare products. Take facial serums to a new level with unique and potent ingredients such as Sesaflash & Renovage! 

Natural Acne Treatment

Standard acne creams from the store not working? Constantly breaking out? Acne scars not fading away? Our Natural Acne Eliminator Cream is a 100% natural acne product that is designed to prevent & eliminate acne while also fading away acne scars. Consisting of 5 potent ingredients, it is a favorite among those with long-term acne. 

Our mission is simple, provide the best skincare product possible for your goals. And provide the best hair growth product possible. Today is the day to invest in our innovative vision and join us on our mission. 



Our goal is not only to provide our customers with the best formulations- but to also educate. Follow us on social media and subscribe for educational material on long-term skincare & haircare!

Natural Hair Growth

Experiencing hair loss or hair thinning? Prosmetica's best seller Professional Hair Thickening serum is the answer for those seeking a hair growth product. This comprehensive product is designed to induce natural hair growth & hair thickening; an innovative and natural option for those not looking for expensive & invasive treatments. 


We are committed to ensuring that 100% of our ingredients and formulas are never tested on animals. Furthermore, we make the commitment to source skin-friendly ingredients that are optimal for every skin type. Quality skincare starts with high-grade, responsibly sourced ingredients. 

Would you like to know everything there is to know about skincare? From the basics, to the scientific details, we've got you covered in our quick, FREE & easy to read Definitive Skincare Bible. Educate yourself and achieve beautiful skin.