4 Skincare Tips For Men

Skincare isn’t discussed much among men; simply because… it is often (unfortunately) ignored. There are a few ways though that all men can improve their skin without having a typical skincare routine.

1)      Wear sunscreen when outside. Ultraviolet radiation damages the skin in all sorts of ways and causes premature aging. Even worse it puts one at risk for different skin cancers.

2)      Get a quality soap or avoid them altogether. Most soaps have alkaline components which cause extensive damage to the skin. It’s extremely important to find a neutral pH soap or to use a proper cleanser instead.

3)      Moisturize. Just like sunscreen this is one of those no-brainers that’s often repeated over and over but never really clicks. Lack of moisture causes premature aging of the skin among other things.

4)      Use shaving gels rather than foam. Gels are much more ideal for softening the skin and preparing it for shaving.