Capsaicin & Hair Loss

Natural and effective, two words that usually don’t make sense in the context of hair loss. But there may be a (well-known) exception to that rule… Known to be an active part of cayenne peppers, capsaicin is an entirely natural compound. Historically, it has been used both as a food and for its medicinal properties. Among these properties includes the ability to induce positive effects on the hair growth cycle which effectively causes hair growth & hair thickening. The slight downside is that capsaicin is a bit of an irritant given that it induces a burning sensation.

Hair Growth & Capsaicin?

Knowing that natural hair loss therapies are largely ineffective, what makes something like capsaicin such a major secret? The answer may be insulin-like growth factor 1. Capsaicin is a known stimulator of IGF-1 production. Another known stimulator of IGF-1 is phytoestrogens (isoflavones). Researchers from Nagoya City University in Japan administered a combination of 6mg capsaicin and 75mg isoflavones over the course of 5 months. An elevation of IGF-1 was noted in addition to a significant improvement in hair loss.

Capsaicin With Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a known topical hair drug which induces hair growth. It does have a couple downsides in that it must continue to be used long-term and it largely induces vellus hair growth rather than thick coarse terminal hairs. The deficiencies of Minoxidil have led to the theory that adding capsaicin with Minoxidil therapy will have much greater outcomes. This was supported in a study done by the Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine. The main part was the rapid induction of the anagen phase of hair growth showing that capsaicin can bring a lot to the table when teamed up with Minoxidil.

The research on capsaicin continues to yield more and more positive news in the context of hair growth! To learn more about hair loss & skincare, download our free e-book!