Under The Eyes: What You Should Know

Whether it is puffiness, wrinkles or fine lines there is no doubt that the eyes take the biggest hit both short term and long term when it comes to your face. It’s a fact that aging affects the eyes more than anything else as the natural process of sagginess and leakage from capillaries begin to take course. However your eye is also prone to severe irritation from chemicals due to obvious reason. That’s why it is crucial to use products that are free of any irritants and it is best to stick to natural blends or quality peptides.

There are both common and less common choices on the market which target the eyes. Common choices can often include retinol based products. Less common choices include Eyeliss which is formed by three peptides: hesperidin methyl chalcone (found in grapefruit), dipeptide valyl-tryptophne (promotes drainage of fluid under the eyes) and lipopeptide pal-GQPR (decreases inflammation). However such a product should be used in conjunction with something like Haloxyl (or something similar) which works to decrease the under-eye darkness caused by pigmentation in the skin.  Other options exist such as Aloe which is a nutrient dense plant based ingredient. It works to achieve a similar goal in reducing wrinkles and under eye puffiness. Additionally there are other natural options such as eyepro 3 ect which also reduces puffiness and when used with apple stem cell extract it erases the dark color under the eyes while also asserting anti-wrinkle effects. When a wide variety of natural based ingredients are used in conjunction with ingredients such as vitamin C and a peptide complex, they are able to achieve the best possible outcome in creating youthful looking eyes.