Matrixyl: What Is it? How Does It Work?

Anti wrinkle products can be categorized as being short term and long term effective. Short term products have been discussed on here, such as Sesaflash and Argireline. However, any good skincare routine will include both short term AND long term products. The goal of a long term ingredient or product is generally to increase collagen production while also inducing repair of damaged DNA. The importance of collagen has been discussed, given its role in connective tissues throughout the human body. Many skincare products have a core goal of boosting collagen production. When it comes to long term oriented products, a powerful choice is Matrixyl.

So What Is Matrixyl?

Matrixyl, also known as palmitoyl-pentapeptide 3, is simply a peptide that has a growing amount of research supporting its effectiveness. One study found that Matrixyl actually doubles the amount of collagen in the skin. This peptide works to stimulate collagen production but also repairs the skin from the inside. The exact mechanism isn’t overly complicated. Matrixyl simply “acts” as broken collagen and this stimulates cellular mechanisms to induce collagen production while also attempting to repair the skin. When used daily, Matrixyl fades away wrinkles and lines while giving an overall youthful look to the skin.

Many products will carry Matrixyl as a singular active ingredient; however the combination of Matrixyl along with other similar ingredients yields the best outcome. This is simply due to the fact that other collagen boosting ingredients (ex. Matrixyl 3000 or vitamin C) work synergistically together to achieve the same goal on a higher level.