Matrixyl & Anti Aging Skincare Peptides

Your skin has collagen. Lots of it. As we age we lose our collagen and thereby lose our external youthful look. But what is collagen? It is a simple protein that is composed of long chains of amino acids. Now if we break down collagen we get segments which are called peptides.

So in the context of skin care, what do topical peptides actually do for the skin? In other words, what happens when you apply a cream or serum, that contains peptides, to your skin? As mentioned, we lose collagen as we age. This raises an immediate and obvious question, why not replace the lost collagen? It is quite possible to do so but few products are able to penetrate through the layers of the skin and actually achieve collagen/peptide stimulation. One method is to signal the cell to create new peptides which effectively yields more collagen. This allows us to introduce one well known: palmitoyl pentapeptide (Matrixyl).

Matrixyl works in a very clever way. It creates an urgent signal telling the skin that there has been an immediate loss of collagen and that the skin needs to make more. It does this by directly targeting the human fibroblasts. Now as we age we also get an upregulation of elastin and unfortunately this happens in a disorganized fashion. Combined with a loss of collagen, the skin begins to wrinkle and lines slowly form as well. Fortunately, Matrixyl also happens to downregulate elastin production and this means your skin becomes firmer in a very short period of time. When such a mechanism is combined with the benefits of vitamin C serum, like in the product “Clinical Youth Serum,” the outcomes are absolutely astonishing.  

Now unlike many commonly used ingredients in skin products which cannot penetrate the skin (rendering them useless), peptides are able to penetrate quite effectively. They are small and are able to reach the deep layers of the skin. It is important to keep in mind that being in cream form makes the peptide potentially less viable (and sometimes useless) in penetrating the skin. Hence it becomes essential that peptide products are used in serum form in order to maximize their effects!