Fight Melanoma Campaign 2017

We are proud to announce that this month and next month we will be partnering with the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund to help raise awareness for melanoma research. During this time, 15% of our profits will be donated towards melanoma research and we will help raise awareness on the implications of melanoma. You can help fight melanoma by visiting our page and purchasing your product of choice and/or making a small $5 donation! 

Although Prosmetica does not sell sunscreen for example, we think that it is important for a cosmetics company to take a charitable initiative towards skin cancer. Everyone knows that tanning for example has taken an important role in the world of modern-day cosmetics; however tanning as most of you would know leads to a major risk of various skin cancers (especially melanoma). As such, melanoma has continued to increase in incidence over the last several years and continues to increase annually. Many organizations have taken important steps to raise awareness for melanoma prevention (ex. David Cornfield Melanoma Fund). While it is very important to fund research and develop better treatments and ultimately a cure, it is just as important to promote awareness. This is because increased general awareness leads to prevention of illness in the first place. So aside from our donation we will also be sharing various pieces on melanoma prevention to help promote awareness. Also for our customers, everything in our store will be on sale at this time! It's a great time to take advantage of this sale as you're also helping to fight melanoma. 

We encourage our followers to share this campaign with their own followers and also encourage other companies to engage in charitable initiatives of their choice.