Argireline: An Alternative To Botox?

A shortened peptide sequence of Botox: acetyl hexapeptide-8 otherwise known as Argireline became notorious as potentially the worst nightmare of doctors performing Botox injections. Argireline has shown very powerful anti aging skincare effects over the years. This magical formula works very quickly to significantly shrink wrinkle depth but also to raise the eyebrows. This was shown in several different clinical trials – all yielding the same outcomes. These effects which simulated similar outcomes to several thousand dollar Botox injections all made sense for one reason. As a shortened peptide version of Botox, Argireline works on the same muscle-to-nerve that Botox works on. Hence it is able to achieve similar anti aging skincare effects.  

It is of course critical to look at what the science says. The available data has been quite positive over the years as Argireline has been shown to be effective from every angle. One study for example found that wrinkle depth improved by 48.9%. A very significant improvement by any standard as far as anti aging skincare goes. 

The grey area question with Argireline is how far does it need to penetrate the skin to achieve its goal? Injections of Argireline certainly work quite well. The question simply remained: how well? And would creams or serums achieve the same outcomes? It all depends on whether or not it can penetrate deep enough to achieve its purpose. This is both intuitive and scientific in the context of anti aging skincare. 

The theoretical resolution is that it does indeed penetrate deep enough on thin skin but not as much on thick skin. Additionally, it means that it must absolutely be used in serum form like in the Clinical Youth Enhancing Serum in order to maximize the level of penetration. Nonetheless properly formulated products with Argireline have been effective in reducing the depth of wrinkles both clinically and anecdotally. As such, Argireline is expected to become a promising player in the broad world of anti aging skincare.