6 Foods For Better Skin

While external lifestyle changes (ex. limiting sun exposure) are very important to acquiring improved skin, internal lifestyle changes are also crucial! The foods listed below are very important if your goal is improved and healthier skin.

1. Pumpkin

 The beta-carotene that is found in pumpkin works to protect your skin against sun damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Pumpkins contain more beta-carotene than carrots! Higher levels also induce a harmless and natural tanning effect.

2. Tomatoes

They contain a high level of vitamin C which is a critical antioxidant that helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles. This is due to the collagen stimulating effects of vitamin C. As well, tomatoes contain lycopene. Lycopene is a plant pigment which protects against ultraviolet radiation.

3. Guava

While many citrus fruits are known for their vitamin C content, guava actually contains much higher amounts! One cup of guava contains over 600% of the recommended daily of vitamin C.

4. Pine nuts

Pine nuts are an excellent source of linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid that helps reduce skin dryness and fragility.

5. Spinach

Spinach is known for a variety of things and improving your skin is certainly one of them! A half cup of cooked spinach is a great source of both vitamin E and vitamin C. These two micronutrients reduce DNA damage from UV radiation (due to sun exposure). It also contains beta-carotene to help support youthful skin.

6. Kale

Kale is essentially a more powerful version of spinach!

Bonus: Blueberries

If you are in search of the most powerful fruit, blueberries are exactly what you need. Consume one cup a day for both better skin and better health!