Bentonite Clay: A Simple Summary

Bentonite clay mask is quite easy to use and rapidly effective. Clay helps improve epidermis health by drawing extra oil from the epidermis, and improving blood flow. Bentonite clay also has natural antibacterial advantages, and it'll accelerate the healing procedure for acne.

Since clay can absorb toxins readily, you would like to be sure to receive a clean uncontaminated source. Prosmetica’s clay has been utilized by various professionals and consumers globally. Bentonite clay is just the weathered volcanic ash which is full of important minerals.

Don't forget to maintain a watch in the event the mask has dried. There are various varieties of face masks which you can use on the epidermis. Each mask employs bentonite clay as the primary ingredient. It's generally advisable to use clay masks once weekly (or twice weekly at the most). Besides detoxifying your facial (and neck!) skin, it also tightens your skin and gives you an immediate after glow.

The best way to use bentonite clay is by mixing it with water or with apple cider vinegar to create a nice paste. The “paste” is then applied to the face and allowed to dry for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, it is best to apply a facial serum or moisturizer to finish off the skin treatment!