My Dog Loves Prosmetica And You Should Too

I have a small confession.  Sunday at the Saddleback Church I ate 5 donuts and then ate a large pizza while watching the Super Bowl.  I even ate breadsticks and had 2x 20 ounce Pepsi’s to absolutely sabotage any progress I made on my diet.  But hey, the Super Bowl is an American holiday right?

Anytime I choose to be glutinous and devour thousands of calories in a few hour time span, I wake up to regret it.  No, not because I feel gross, but because I look like hell when I wake up.  For some reason, I see what I eat and drink the next day more than I feel it.

I must detox through my face it seems and until recently, I have not had a good option to get rid of the toxins, bloat and everything else that happens to me when I eat deliciously heart attack inducing foods.  I shared a video a few weeks ago discussing Prosmetica’s clay mask, which I loved but I really did not speak about the other amazing products.

I am using the clay mask this morning to detox my face then as soon as I am done, I will apply the 5 Minute to Life serum.


“The 5 MINUTE TO LIFE SERUM contains a very rare and unique blend of ingredients that rapidly eliminate wrinkles and lines and keep them away for good.

Seaflash harnesses the power of sesame seeds and when applied to the skin it has been shown to fade away lines and wrinkles in as quickly as 5 minutes. 

The 5 MINUTE TO LIFE SERUM has significant long term effects as well. The combination of Matrixyl and Renovage, both patented ingredients from France, provide long-term age defying effects. 

  • Increased collagen growth
  • increased skin barrier function
  • Significantly reduced pigmentation
  • Increased skin firmness
  • Pore size decrease
  • Decreased signs of UV damage to skin
  • Reduced skin redness
  • Long term wrinkle prevention

This unique combination of ingredients leads a revolutionary direction towards both instant and long term benefits for your skin.


It is easy to see why I love this product but the most important thing to note is that it is affordable!!

I rant about this often but I get so annoyed with over priced skincare products with clever marketing behind them and no “real” science.  It is a relief to me to see such a quality product that is under priced, mostly organic, (there are zero harmful ingredients in these products), extremely effective and buzz worthy!

I have also been using the Prosmetica Hair Thickening serum, 5 Minute to Life and Youth Serum for a month now and the products get better each day I use them.  A lot of my friends that have started using this product are also blown away because although they love the price, they love the results even more! I highly recommend this product line to you if you want quality and affordable skincare that is cruelty-free!