Fitness, The Gym & Body Acne

 Most people at the gym do not think about their skin while they are working out; their racing hearts and aching muscles are occupying their minds. If they were to think about their skin, they would think about how the sweat trickling down their faces and bodies mixing with dead skin cells, dirt, and dust, among other things, will clog their pores which could unfortunately cause acne. I am guilty of this. When I am squatting double my body weight, the last thing on my mind is how the barbell pressed tightly on my back has been used by thousands of people. People who may or may not wash their hands as often as they should; people who cough or sneeze near the bar; people who bleed on the bar; people who sweat on the bar…the list goes on!

So while I am focusing on mustering the strength to get up with twice my body weight on my upper back, the bacteria and foreign particles from the bar mix with my sweat and the chalk on my back. Similarly, while I am lying down on the bench to press close to my body weight, my back and shoulders are exposed to the sweat, bacteria, and dead skin cells of the people who have used it before me. It should not come as a surprise that a month into my powerlifting journey, I noticed some stubborn zits on my back and shoulders. This is actually quite common! I have seen many people at the gym with body acne. I am sure that a lot of people reading this might think “Wouldn’t you avoid that problem if you showered right after your workout?” My answer is yes but also no. Many people who strength train spend 2-3 hours working out. Therefore, showering right after your workout will not clean out your pores completely which will lead to zits or acne.

I tried hot showers with an exfoliating scrub right after my workouts but it made little to no changes to my body acne. Although I tried my best to use clean equipment when I work out and to have good hygiene, the zits had to be treated for what they are: acne. Using acne products that are gentle on the skin is the only way that gym goers who suffer from body acne will gain their perfect skin back while still gaining strength and muscle mass. There should be no need to cover up those arms and that back that you worked so hard for! Gentle acne products (like Prosmetica’s Natural Acne Eliminator Cream) are just as important as your post-workout protein shake!

The obvious question though is why though? What makes the cream so different and special? For one – there are very few body acne products on the market that work equally as effective for facial acne (like the Natural Acne Eliminator Cream by Prosmetica). More importantly however is the ingredient composition. Typical acne products are made up of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Nothing wrong with those ingredients except for the fact that they have temporary effects and lack potency and major efficacy. The natural acne eliminator cream by Prosmetica features tea tree oil (more effective than benzoyl peroxide), calendula, chickweed, plantain and comfrey. This ingredient blend not only gets rid of acne (both face and body acne) but also gets rid of acne scars and prevents new pimples from forming.