Skin Care Guide for Night Shift Workers

As an allied health professional, I work more than my part-time status would lead you to think and because of that, I am often over-tired and over-worked. While the variety of experience working at a hospital is very beneficial to my career, one negative aspect is doing shift work, particularly night shifts. Consistently working night shifts can have damaging effects to one’s health, such as disrupting circadian rhythms, causing indigestion, and increasing risk of certain cancers. Some of these effects can be seen on the skin, leading to blemishes, premature wrinkles, etc. For these reasons, it is important to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and most importantly, maintain an effective skin care regiment.

There are many natural ways to combat premature wrinkling and signs of aging, including collagen, vitamin C, and medicinal plants, many of which Prosmetica utilizes in their skin care products. Their Clinical Youth Enhancing Serum contains a vitamin C derivative along with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that reduces the look of wrinkles. It works by trapping water in the skin to maintain its natural moisture, helping skin look youthful. In addition, their 5 Minute to Life Serum is another great product for premature wrinkles as it promotes the growth of collagen, a naturally occurring structural protein in our skin that we lose as we age.

Along with the appearance of wrinkles in the skin, shift workers are prone to developing blemishes due to late night eating tendencies and being too tired for skin care after work. Therefore, it is important to include products within a skin care plan that clear pores and cleanse skin, reducing the occurrence of blemishes. Prosmetica’s Natural Acne Eliminator Cream is created with natural ingredients that target bacteria known to cause acne, while also having anti-inflammatory effects on the skin that prevent acne scars from forming. After working, a night shift worker’s pores may feel clogged from the stress of the night, and may need something to clear and rejuvenate their skin. The Bentonite Clay Mask will do just the trick by removing toxins from your skin to make your skin feel clearer!