Hair Loss and Hair Thinning - A Natural Solution

Hair on the head can feel like a very precious thing when it starts falling out or starts thinning out. Naturally we look to find a way to stop it and may turn to chemical methods which carry side effects. But what if natural solutions exist? It turns out they do.

Cayenne peppers (a household herb - spice) are in fact one of the best natural solutions to hair loss and hair thinning. They contain two active ingredients: capscium and capsaicin.

Capsaicin, in proper product form, can be applied to one's scalp and works quickly to stimulate blood flow to the focal area. This directly induces hair growth and also leads to a natural shine given that the blood flow nourishes the hair follicles.

Like any other method, using cayenne peppers should be combined with other useful methods for the best results. This includes coconut oil (ex. shampoo form) which is widely known as a very viable hair health ingredient.

Get the most out of your hair treatment (particularly if hair thinning is an issue) by using a product with natural alpha hydroxy acids. These work to cleanse the scalp area and area in between the hair follicles to create the most stable environment for hair growth. To make things even better they work to stabilize the inner composition of growing hair. 

In combination, you get a natural hair thickening serum that actively promotes hair growth!