Sesaflash - The Natural Wrinkle Eraser

Derived from sesame, Sesaflash is very unique and rare ingredient that helps meet the need for instant gratification. It is the only natural ingredient on the market that has proven effects on rapidly eliminating wrinkles and lines as well as evening out the skin. What gets everyone interested is just how quick "rapidly" really is and how long the effects of Sesaflash last.

Sesaflash has been shown to have full effects in 5 to 10 minutes in the vast majority of the population. For many it is within a couple of minutes and for some it can take 20 or so minutes. The effects somewhat fade away after 7-8 hours which makes Sesaflash an excellent ingredient for a night out right under make-up. It is worth noting that Sesaflash has a long-lasting hydration effect on the skin.

The rapid effects of Sesaflash go extremely well with an ingredient like Renovage as well as a collagen stimulating ingredient like Matrixyl. The product 5 Minute To Life Serum contains these three ingredients in an all-in-one serum and this creates a synergistic effect that maximizes the potential of Sesaflash.