The Value of a Quality Vitamin C Serum


     With endless vitamin C serums flooding today's market, one naturally wonders if these are of quality - let alone effective. The short answer is: no. Many of these products contain vitamin C in harmful forms that can actually damage the skin. and many of them are in lower than claimed concentrations.

     So what is the ideal form and concentration? It's widely agreed upon that sodium ascorbyl phosphate is the best form of vitamin C when it comes to topical serums. Unfortunately many serums do not use this form which renders them harmful to the skin - counterproductive to applying them in the first place! Our product, Clinical Youth Enhancing Serum contains not only the optimal form of Vitamin C, but also does so in the most ideal concentration - 20%.

But what are the benefits to even using such a product?

     For one, Vitamin C whether from food or from the outside - stimulates Collagen growth. Collagen is a structural protein found in connective tissue which holds us together. As collagen levels decline in our skin, our skin health and appearance severely worsens. To make matters worse, our dietary Vitamin C is not nearly sufficient enough to maintain the skin's collagen levels. Fortunately however, when Vitamin C is applied to the skin it is 2000% (yes 2000%) more effective in stimulating collagen growth vs. dietary and orally consumed Vitamin C.

     But is that all it does? Actually, Vitamin C serum has an exceptionally strong preventative effect against skin damage. This ranges from general environmental exposure to dust particles all the way to sunlight. Its low pH also helps keep the skin's pH in check. The fun doesn't end there however as vitamin C is a HIGHLY effective form of acne treatment (and prevention while fading away acne scarring.

     So by combining Vitamin C's benefits, we get a product that not only fixes existing health issues, but also prevents new ones. Of course to get the most out of it, users always love having other ingredients such as peptides and hyaluronic acid included into a serum to fully reap the benefits of the synergistic effects Knowledge is power in an industry full of questionable ingredients and loaded research. Go with products that are scientifically-backed, and proven to work.