The Balance Between Natural and Synthetic

     What are the best options available for skin care products? If you're familiar with the beauty industry and you've peered down your fair share of skin care isles, you'll have noticed a product mix ranging from "100% natural" to entirely synthetic formulas. But what is the optimal solution? Both. While it is embedded into the core of our business to provide the best science-backed NATURAL formulas - It is neither possible or optimal to use only "100%" natural ingredients. This mix of both natural and synthetic raw materials are required to deliver the most effective skin care solutions.


      Often, 100% natural raw ingredients may be most effective in their original state. Take for example our Bentonite Clay Mask - containing only 100% natural Montmorillonite Clay. Through our consultations and testing, we've found that the addition of synthetic ingredients or even natural oils only serve to detract from the product's intended purpose. Bentonite Clay is outstanding as a cleansing facial mask- no additives needed. 

     Aside from sheer efficacy, natural solutions are fundamentally a superior choice for your skin, allowing you to take comfort in using products that are free of potentially harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We believe that natural solutions are always the first choice in skin care treatment.


     As a preface- when we refer to synthetic raw ingredients, we are including only ingredients that have been demonstrated to be scientifically benign, as well as posing zero risk to the long term health of your skin and body. We take great pride in this commitment. 

    While we boast about natural products and formulas, we must take into consideration that sometimes natural ingredients alone are not enough. Take a look at our Natural Acne Eliminator cream for example. While that product is legally "100% natural" it does require some help from Sorbic Acid (Potassium Sorbate), an organic acid. This organic acid, while considered natural, is often manufactured synthetically. Synthetic ingredients like Sorbic Acid are an essential preservative used in many skin care products to increase the shelf life and sterility of the formula. Without these synthetic preservatives, it would be impossible to store skin care formulas for more than a matter of days before bacteria and fungi develop in the moisture rich, cool environment most skin care formulas reside. Synthetic ingredients are not all to be feared, as Sorbic Acid and it's numerous counterparts are regarded as completely safe and healthy for your skin. Rest assured that we will NEVER include ingredients that have been deemed harmful of may pose any health risks. 

      At the end of the day, it comes down to being informed on what synthetic and natural ingredients have to offer, and which ones are to be avoided and may pose health risks. Luckily for you, we take out the guess work and research at PROSMETICA. All of our products contain a mix of safe,healthy, and effective natural and synthetic ingredients.