4 Reasons To Use A Product Containing Renovage

Also known by the name "Trepenone," Renovage is a clinically studied ingredient found alongside Sesaflash and Matrixyl (palmitoyl pentapeptide-4) in the 5 Minute To Life serum. Thus far the science has not only supported the claims, it has gone well beyond them. How does it work? Renovage stabilizes telomeres and cell divison which thereby improves the cell lifespan. 

Here are 4 reasons why Renovage is almost certainly a perfect choice for you.

Pigment Spots

1) Drastic decrease in pigment spots - A rather difficult thing to genuinely achieve with most skincare products is fading away existing pigmentation spots. Renovage has been shown to do that but also to protect against ultraviolet radiation damage (a year round problem). 

Skin Texture

2) Improvement in skin texture and decrease in roughness - Again a very difficult thing to achieve. Because Renovage affects various intracellular pathways, it goes beyond the norm. Given that skin texture is something both males and females of any age can have issues with, Renovage quickly becomes a well rounded ingredient for anyone.

Skin Redness/Pore Dilation

3) Significant decrease in skin redness and pore dilation - A commonly unaddressed skin issue is redness. Alleviation is often temporary and rarely permanent. Likewise decreasing pore dilation is uncommon to last long term. This seems to be changing quickly with the use of Renovage. 

Skin Hydration

4) Drastic increase in skin hydration - As we age our skin loses its level of hydration and as a result the signs of aging become more and more visible. The ability of Renovage to increase skin hydration along with its barrier function is nearly 100% of participants in a study shows how powerful its effects are. 

It is certainly a good idea to maximize the benefits of Renovage and use it alongside Sesaflash for the short term and long term effect combination.